EWaS4 conference will host special sessions that will be coordinated by distinguished academics. There is an Open Call for Special Sessions Coordinators. So far, Special Sessions will be organized by: 
- Prof. M. Franchini, University of Ferrara  

- Prof. M. Giugni, University of Naples “Federico II” 

- Prof. Th. Karakasidis, Civil Engineering Dept at the University of Thessaly

- Prof. P. Karanis, University of Cologne & Head of the Anatomy                                 Centre, Medical School, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

- Prof. C. Laspidou, University of Thessaly 

- Assoc. Professor Christos Makropoulos, National Technical University of               Athens, Greece

- Assoc. Prof. I. Sarris,  Mechanical Engineering Dept , University Of West                 Attica, Athens, Greece

- Prof. Anastasios Zouboulis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Special Session Titles announced so far:

SS1: Efficient and effective water network design, simulation and                      management                                         

       (chair: Prof. M. Franchini)

SS2: Hydroinformatics and advanced data visualization techniques for             efficient urban water management

       (chair: Prof. C. Laspidou, co-chair: Dr S. Rizou)

SS3: Novel technologies, materials and methods for water purification          and desalination

        (chair: Prof. Theodoros Karakasidis,  Assoc. Prof. Ioannis Sarris)


SS4: Water Works Sustainability: Challenges and Innovative Approaches (chair: Prof. M. Giugni)

SS5: Waterborne diseases

       (chair: Prof. P. Karanis, P.Scheid)

SS6: Water and Wastewater treatment innovate options

       (chair:Prof. A. Zouboulis)

SS7: Opportunities for Water in a Circular Economy: Technologies,                   Methods, Models, Partnerships and Demonstrators

        (chair: Assoc. Prof. C. Makropoulos)

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All papers presented at EWAS4 conference will be published in the MDPI Open Access Journal "Environmental Sciences Proceedings"


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