Dr. Maurizio Giugni has been Full Professor since 2000 and he is currently teaching Hydraulic Engineering and Hydraulic Land Settlement at the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering in Naples (Italy). He is currently Head of the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Dept. in Naples (2015-2021). He is currently Academic Senator of the University of Naples Federico II.  He is currently, on behalf of the University of Naples Federico II, local coordinator of the H2020 PHUSICOS Project (Grant Agreement Nr. 776681). He was coordinator of several National Operative Programme PON projects (WATERGRID, AQUASYSTEM, WATERTECH) and of further national and international collaboration with Universities and Research Centers.  Overall,

he has coordinated more than 10 research and applied projects for several agencies. Lately, he has been in the panel of more than ten National and International Conference Committees.

He is author and co-author of more than 220 papers published in national and international conference proceedings and journals. He is currently reviewer for about ten international ISI Journals (among them, the IAHR Journal of Hydraulic Research, the ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, the Taylor & Francis Urban Water Journal, the MDPI Water and many others). He has been member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of the Water Utility Authority ABC of Naples. He has been Head of the Project “Servicios de consultoría para el Plan de Gestión de Riesgos para los sistemas de agua potable y alcantarillado de la ciudad de Cuenca”, Empresa Publica Municipal de telecomunicaciones, agua potable, alcantarillado y saneamiento de Cuenca (ETAPA), Republica del Ecuador, Préstamo BID n. 1753/OC-EC. He has been awarded with Best Paper Award at the 2nd International Research Conference on Sustainable Energy, Engineering, Materials and Environment (Mieres, Spain, 25-27 July 2018).

In 4th EWas International Conference, Dr. Giugni will cover the topic: "Exploring the water works innovation: Water Technology Blueprint". 

Stefano Alvisi is associate professor at the University of Ferrara. He holds a MSc in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Sciences of Engineering from the University of Ferrara. He is author of more than one hundred papers which belong to the topics of Hydraulic Infrastructures, Hydrology and Water Resources Management; around 60 of these are in international (ISI) journals. His main research interests are water demand modelling and forecasting, optimal management of water distribution systems, leakage detection and pipe network rehabilitation and data driven techniques for real time flood forecasting models.

Currently he is tutor of three Ph.D. students. He has been involved in many European or national research projects and is coordinator of several research and technology transfer activities developed together with water

utilities. He is Associate Editor of Urban Water Journal and he received many awards as best or outstanding reviewer from some international journals such as Environmental Modelling and Software (2014) and Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (years 2016, 2018 and 2020). He was granted with the best paper award for the paper Optimal Placement of Valves in a Water Distribution Network with CLP(FD) provided by Association of Logic Programming in 2011 and he was granted with Certificates of Excellence to recognize outstanding achievements as the best paper nominees in the “Battle of Water Calibration Network (BWCN)” (2010) and in the “Battle of Background leakage assessment for water networks (BBLAWN) (2014). 

In 4th EWas International Conference, Stefano Alvisi will cover the topic: "Water consumptions: the (un)known drivers of the water distribution system". 

June 26, 2020 (12:15-12:45) Prof. S. Laspidou, Greece,

Invited speach in: "Systems thinking on the resource nexus: Modeling and visualisation tools to identify critical inter linkages for resilient and sustainable societies and institutions"

Chrysi Laspidou is a Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, University of Thessaly in Greece. Her research interests include resource Nexus and water informatics, mathematical modeling and simulation of physical-chemical and biological processes that take place in natural aquatic systems and other ecosystems, as well as urban water issues, resource depletion and sustainability, virtual water and water-carbon-ecological footprint. She has conducted research in many different aspects of water, from performing mathematical modeling of aquatic system processes to computational biology relevant to ecosystem function, to the socio-economic aspects of water use and water resource management. She is involved in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

projects that are mainly on innovative multisensors and/or biosensors, smart urban water management, smart cities and ICT for improving ecosystem function and quality. She has recently been appointed as a member of the Steering Committee of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge Action Network at Future Earth. She has published over 60 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings and is actively involved either as a Principal Investigator, or as a Coordinator in research projects funded by the European Commission, or national sources. 

In 4th EWas International Conference, Chrysi Laspidou will cover the topic: "Systems thinking on the resource nexus: Modeling and visualisation tools to identify critical inter linkages for resilient and sustainable societies and institutions". 

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